Canon Scoopic 16 or 16S – 1 NEW Battery



If you have a Canon Scoopic 16 or 16S, then this can get your camera back on it’s feet.  This is a ready to go package of 1 fresh new 12V 300 mAh battery.

This is something you will get a ton of use out of – these have traveled and been tested at the ends of the Earth (literally) and so far I have had a couple minor tweaks to the look of the cases and chargers, but the function has not needed to be upgraded.  If you buy them and have feedback, please let me know.  If I make changes to the design of battery or charger, then we can ship you out the new versions at no cost once you return the old ones.  I have a couple of Scoopics and these get a lot of use in them and I have had many repeat customers, so if you need inexpensive solid power for your camera, this is a great option.
These are only for the Grey Scoopic 16S, they will not work in the original Scoopic M and MS variants or the DS-8 Scoopic.
If you have any questions, or already own one of these and need support, please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.  If you have an earlier unit and want to swap, please let me know and I can send you the upgraded charging base!
Thanks for looking and for shooting film on these great cameras!


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